About Us

AA&S Ltd started as a tripartite partnership among three veterinarians, two Ghanaians and one Dane. The company has positioned itself strategically for the sale and distribution in Ghana of high quality day-old chicks and poultry vaccines and medication. The company, also, offers aftersales support in veterinary care and diagnostic histopathology services (the first of its kind in Ghana) for the prevention and early detection of diseases. The company is currently providing free veterinary consultative services to selected farmers in Accra to build a customer base.  

One of the partners of AA & S Ltd is the only veterinary pathologist in Ghana; and, this presents the company a competitive advantage per the provision of rapid poultry disease detection and control to farmers.

Given the challenges of vaccination at hatchery in Ghana, the promoters are currently working with a hatchery to develop their own improved breed of day-old chicks that will be vaccinated at embryo stage against all the known devastating tropical poultry diseases in Ghana.

AA & S has an alliance with the Ghana Poultry Network (GHAPNET) in a program that provides free veterinary and disease-detection services and consultation on good husbandry and farm management to rural families and women in small-scale communities, involved in poultry farming.

AA & S Ltd will strive to create post-transaction touch- points and solid after-sales service and technical back-up to ensure that the company is offering the best experience to its customers, all the while keeping its brand top of mind. If the farmers have success – the company will have success!

AA & S’ Specialized Non-Avian (Mammalian) Skin Pathology Service.

The pathology wing of AA &S, also, offers diagnostic histopathology service for the accurate detection of skin diseases in non-avian species (particularly, in dogs and horses) to private veterinarians through the submission of skin biopsy samples to our allied Surgical Dermatopathology Laboratory (E-Med Diagnostic Services Laboratory). This service is the first of its kind in Ghana and West Africa.