Chick Supply Division

A one-day old chick has the potential to become a layer chicken, a broiler chicken or breeder. Given this versatility, the quality of dayold chicks matters, immensely, to the poultry business.

The reported overall goal of the Ghana Veterinary Services Directorate (VSD) is to ensure that quality and healthy day-old chicks are produced through routine microbiological screening of the environs and hatch and to carry out vaccination of day-old chicks at hatchery or pre-hatch chicks in ovo.

New vaccine development in the poultry business is focused on day-old and in-ovo vaccination for adequate immune response. These modern immune complex vaccines can break through the maternal antibodies and give life-long protection with a single injection at the hatchery against many devastating poultry diseases. For example:

Spray-vaccination of Day Old chicks

(IB + ND + coccidiosis)

Injection of Day Old Chicks

(Mareks + Gumboro + ND)

From these perspectives and, most importantly, with the goal of VSD in mind, AA & S is equipped with the perfect entrepreneurial team to strategically position itself to implement a sustained supply to poultry farmers of improved breeds of healthy day-old chicks, vaccinated at hatchery or in-ovo against most of the devastating tropical poultry diseases. The chicks will be hatched from eggs derived from improved breeds of healthy parent stock.

AA & S will strive to offer after-sale poultry disease surveillance and training in strict biosecurity measures to poultry farmers, in an attempt to prevent and control devastating poultry diseases, including avian influenza.