Hatchery Division

The bottom line of poultry production begins in the hatchery and with a healthy breeder stock through provision of clean and excellent grade fertilised eggs and high quality day old chicks. The hatchery is the first environment in chick’s life. Hatchery is a natural focus for disease prevention.

AA &S is equipped with the perfect entrepreneurial, veterinary and scientific team to help poultry farmers to investigate and determine the causes of any depressed hatch, higher first week mortality and a general reduction in chick quality. AA & S is the first and currently the only poultry franchise in Ghana to employ special techniques, such as diagnostic histopathology, besides conventional post-mortem and germ isolation techniques, to enhance the ability to determine the cause of the hatchery problem and offer informed consultation for poultry disease prevention, control and eradication.

This is in line with the Ghana Veterinary Services Directorate’s current reported target, for hatchery operations, to understand the prevailing disease status in hatcheries and on breeder farms that would contribute to evidence-based policy decision making for bacteriological auditing, post-mortem, histopathology and vaccination at the hatchery.

Given the challenges of vaccination at hatchery in Ghana, AA & S is strategically positioned to sustainably supply improved breeds of day old chicks, with strengthened immune system through in-ovo or day-old vaccination to poultry farmers, and to offer solid after-sales service and technical back-up to ensure that the farmers optimize their production. With AA & S, the poultry farmer is in good hands!.