Vaccines and Drugs Division

AA & S is focused on finding innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges in the poultry value chain in Ghana!

In addition to supplying improved breeds of day old chicks, vaccinated against many devastating poultry diseases to poultry farmers, AA & S is focused on supplying innovative poultry vaccines ( including immune complex vaccines, live attenuated vaccines, killed adjuvanted vaccines, vector vaccines, and polyvalent vaccines) to the Veterinary Services Directorate, whose mandate it is to offset vaccination challenges in the poultry value chain by addressing shortages and redistribution of needs to the various regions of Ghana.

One brand of these vaccines allows full control of Gumboro/Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) from hatchery and avoiding farm vaccination. Another contains carefully selected attenuated strains for Infectious Bronchitis (IB), IBD, Newcastle Disease (ND), Chicken Anemia Virus (CAV), Mycoplasma and Salmonella. A third is an inactivated oily or aluminium hydroxide adjuvanted vaccine against IBD (classical or variant), ND, Avian Influenza, IB, Egg Drop Syndrome (EDS), Reovirus, Salmonella, Coryza, or Pasteurella in chicken. The vector vaccines allow durable protection against Marek’s Disease and ND, when administered at oneday old. Another vector vaccine administered to day-old chicks is critical to achieve good priming and build a strong basis for the field life and possible revaccination against Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis.

AA & S is also focused on supplying efficacious veterinary drugs and nutritional supplements to poultry farmers and the primary veterinary professional stakeholders.